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Why Timber Fencing is a Brisbane Favourite

Whether for decoration or for boundaries, timber is the material of choice for fencing in the Brisbane area. Timber fencing is cost-effective for homes and businesses. It is environmentally friendly and blends easily into a natural setting or an industrial setting. Here are the most common reasons people choose timber fencing over other materials.

Many Different Styles

While fencing for many materials is confined to a small number of styles, timber fencing is constrained only by the imagination. Popular designs include picket, board on board, spaced board, split rail, paddock and stockade. In addition, the variations within designs are infinite. Basically, you can do whatever you want and make timber fencing look whichever way you want it to.

Easy to Install and Repair

There is no heavy construction equipment necessary to install timber fencing. In fact, it is so easy that it is one of the more popular do-it-yourself timber projects. If you need to repair it, you can repair it one board at a time instead of replacing entire sections.

Easy to Customise

As we mentioned above, it is easy to customise a timber fence and create any design you want. You can build a solid fence to whatever height you like for the ultimate in privacy. You can stain your timber fence whatever colour you like. You can even use a clear finish and let the natural timber grain show through.

Not only can you control heights and colours, you can design it to match any surroundings. You can even build flower boxes to go with your timber fence.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber is the most environmentally friendly material for fencing. As we have said here numerous times, it has a negative carbon footprint because it stores carbon by turning it into timber. While CCA treatment has become somewhat controversial, the bottom line is that it does no damage to the environment because it is made out of three natural materials: chromium, copper and arsenic.

Cost Effective

Timber is the most cost-effective material for fencing. Vinyl, aluminium and wrought iron fences are all more expensive in both materials and labour than timber fencing. It is also a less costly to maintain a timber fence. All you really need for many timber fences is deck cleaner, water and a scrubbing brush. If you maintain your timber fence properly, you can get anywhere from 10 to 50 years of service out of it.

Update Your Timber Fence by Re-staining It

Whenever you want to update your timber fence or change the scenery on your property, all you have to do is stain the fence a different colour. There are some other advantages to staining that help prolong the life of your fence. Staining helps keep UV rays out and also helps waterproof your fence. The finish can also help prevent the timber from splitting.

Fits Well Into Most Settings

Timber fences blend well into almost any setting. Whether it's a home, a business, a government building or a university, timber looks right at home. Of course, timber is a natural for parks and rustic environments.

The Timber Aesthetic

You can call it the timber aesthetic or whatever you want, but the bottom line is that timber fencing looks great wherever you put it. All you have to do is take care of it, keep the finish updated and keep the fence maintained and it will always give you something to be proud of.


If privacy is your main concern, timber is by far the best fencing material for your needs. Obviously, timber is impossible to see through. But another great benefit of timber that is often overlooked is that it is the best soundproofing material for fencing. While other materials can let sound through or even act as a speaker due to vibration, timber absorbs sound better than any material you will ever use for a fence.

Call the Timber Fencing Experts Today

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