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Timber Fencing Adds the Wow Factor to Your Home

What looks better than a natural timber fence as a backdrop to your garden décor and plantings in your outdoor entertainment area?

Where modern design is concerned, certainly not a big, bold and overpowering metal fence, that’s for sure.

Timber fencing has been the norm for Australian gardens for over a hundred years and, whilst manufactured products have their place, they will never replace the natural beauty of a custom timber fence.

Timber Fencing Is Not Just a Wall of Vertical Fence Posts

Many of us remember the 6 foot timber fence around our houses when we were young.

Vertical timber palings with equally placed fenceposts to form the backbone of the structure.

Home and garden designed has moved on quite a bit since the days of our youth (well from mine anyway) and there are many eye-catching ways to design your timber fence to enhance the style of your outdoor entertaining area.

Vertically placed timber palings are still popular, however, landscapers are now quite adept at creating designs with horizontal palings.

Timber Fencing Enhances the Street Appeal of Your Home

Of course your back and side fencing is not the only area where timber fencing looks great.

The front of your property is where you get the most street appeal and value when you are looking to sell your property.

Timber fencing, whether it be in the form of a picket fence or modern contemporary slat fencing which offers glimpses of the haven within, adds a touch of class and style.

Timber Fencing Offers Value for Money

And for those of us that are also focused on value for money timber fencing is also commonly the most cost-effective solution for your fencing requirements.