As the premier supplier of timber decking in Brisbane, we have a professional “stake” in the outcome of your project. We like to see our customers happy with their timber decking. We like to see any timber project provide years of service for the homeowner. Here are some tips to help you keep your timber deck looking and performing great for years to come.

Timber Decking Maintenance in Brisbane

Use the Right Materials

We recommend hardwood with a Class 1 or 2 durability rating. A hardwood with a lesser durability rating can be treated to H3 or better. Two of the most popular hardwoods for timber decking are Blackbutt and Merbau, often called Kwila. Starting out with the right timber and hardware is important. If you use the right materials and build it right the first time, you will be ahead of the game.

Oil-Based Preservatives
It is strongly recommended that you apply an oil-based preservative to your timber, including the ends. This will help keep moisture from getting in or out and keep swelling and cracking to a minimum. Two coats, one before building the deck and one after, usually work out the best. If you don’t do this, your deck will age a lot faster.

Ongoing Maintenance

If you have chosen the correct materials, used oil-based preservatives and built your deck correctly, you are well on the way to having a great deck that lasts a long time. The better you did it the first time, the easier maintenance will be.

First, keep your deck clean. Take care of debris and spills as soon as you find them. A simple broom and deck cleaner is usually enough. After extensive deck cleaning, you should lightly sand the deck and then reseal it with varnish, oil, stain or paint. Tighten loose hardware in the case of loose boards. Replace damaged boards as needed.

Always remember to inspect your deck at least once a year.

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