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Timber Decking: an Australian Mainstay

It’s no secret that timber decking is extremely popular in Australia. A drive or walk through your neighbourhood is usually enough to remind you just how much we love our timber decks. So, why is timber decking so attractive and popular all over Australia? Here are a few reasons.

Timber Decking is Versatile

There are more timber decking designs and more uses for timber decks than we can count. Timber deck can be used to build an alfresco area in your home on the ground floor or on the upper floor. It can be used for verandas. Restaurants and country clubs often use timber decking as an outdoor eating or entertainment area.

It can also be used as caravan decking, footpaths, ramps and landings. Timber decks can even be used around swimming pools.

Natural Insulator

Timber is a natural insulator. While this might not seem important, what it means is that your Timber decking usually won't become too hot in the sun. That can make it much more comfortable for you to walk on in bare feet, especially when compared to concrete.

Enjoyment at Home

People who have timber decks at their homes use them often to entertain guests or to just sit, relax and enjoy a few cold beverages after work.

Economical Living Space

When timber decking is used like an alfresco living area, it is the most cost-effective of any way that you can add living space to your home.

Timber Decking Aesthetic

There is nothing that looks quite like a Timber deck, especially if you build it yourself. A well-built timber deck can become something you enjoy and are proud to look at for as long as you own your home.

Call the Decking Experts at Narangba Timbers

If you are ready to build a Timber deck, call the experts at Narangba Timbers. Our customer service people know more about timber deck than anyone in Queensland and NSW area. We also have a display deck that shows you different designs, different timber species and different finishes and how they look on a finished deck.

Call us today 1300 477 024.