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We have been providing timber flooring to homeowners in the Brisbane area for three generations. In that time, we have amassed a lot of expertise. We would like to share some of it with you and tell you what to consider when selecting timber flooring.


If you put in a good timber floor, you’re going to be looking at it for the entire life of your home. It stands to reason that you better like the way it looks. Look at the colour and the grain of different varieties of timber. Decide whether you would like a natural finish or whether you would like a stained finish. All of these will go into your final decision.

Things to Consider When You Choose Timber Flooring


This is a continuation of appearance, but it contains a few subtle factors that you will want to consider when choosing your timber floor. Notice the grain type and the number and size of knots in the timber. Grades can vary from rustic with lots of irregularities to timber that is “regular” and symmetrical. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


You can make Timber flooring out of hardwood or softwood. There are advantages to both. Softwood is easier to work with while hardwood, the harder to work with, is more appropriate for applications that require more resistance to termites or fire. Softwood is also less expensive than Hardwood.


Timber flooring can be made of wide pieces or more narrow pieces. We recommend narrow, tongue and groove pieces. They look great and can be easily replaced if you happen to damage a board.

Surface Finish

Some people like their floor to be extremely smooth and shiny, while others like timber that is a bit grainier with a lower sheen.

For the Best Timber Flooring in Brisbane

If you are looking for timber flooring in the Brisbane area, call Narangba Timbers today. We have a full selection of everything you need to make your timber floor perfect. Call us today: (07) 3888 1293.