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The Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

Almost every kitchen, deck, and other rooms in the house have either laminate or hardwood flooring, but which kind is the better choice for your Australian home? Both have their advantages, but overall, hardwood is a better choice for a number of reasons.

The Sturdier Choice

One of the major advantages to using hardwood flooring over laminate is that hardwood, at least real hardwood, is much sturdier. While laminate flooring can crack under the pressure and dropping of heavier items, hardwood floor can handle a lot more.

This is especially true for families that have children. With children running around on the flooring and sometimes dropping toys, some of which can be a little heavier than others, you’d need flooring that won’t be damaged by this. Even non-impact damages, such as the pressure put on flooring by high heels, can leave long term damage to laminate flooring, but almost never affect hardwood.

Easy to Repair

Even though hardwood flooring is much stronger than laminate, it doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible. Very heavy items will still make an impact on hardwood, despite its superior strength. This being said, even is hardwood is damaged but it is much easier to repair than its laminate counterparts.

If a section of laminate is damaged, the whole floor needs to be removed and replaced. If part of a hardwood floor is damaged, however, only that section can be repaired. This is much easier in terms of both labour and cost.

Even water damage is easier to repair. Although both types can suffer damage from flooding, true timber flooring is less susceptible to it and can be easier to take care of in the event of the flooding that sometimes happens near Brisbane.

The Superior Flooring

Although both laminate and hardwood flooring are used in many homes, hardwood has many clear advantages over the former. It is stronger than laminate, being able to handle more pressure, and is easier and more cost efficient to repair in the event that it is damaged. It is definitely the much better option for you and your family’s home.

To learn more about how to install this kind of flooring from the best timber suppliers in Queensland and New South Wales, please call 1300 477 024.