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Surprising Ways in Which Timber Reduces Construction Costs

We are currently on our third generation as a family owned, timber sales outlet. We have provided timber to the Brisbane area for numerous purposes, including residential and commercial construction. We have now expanded our delivery network to include, Toowoomba, South-East Queensland, the Gold Coast and even the Greater Sydney Region!

There are a lot of reasons to choose timber over materials such as steel for commercial and residential construction. An important one is the ease of working with timber compared to steel or other materials. Another is the timber aesthetic; there is nothing that looks or smells quite like fresh timber.

Recently, a trade magazine called timber trade news called our attention to another compelling reason for using timber: it reduces construction costs.

Why Timber Reduces Construction Costs

The main reason reduces construction costs is because it saves a lot of labour time. Using timber can often result in a decrease of as much as 40% in time spent on site.

Recently, Forest and Wood Products Australia commissioned a study on the cost of labour when using timber as compared to other materials. Their research indicated that timber reduced costs in a number of ways, such as less time paying for a crane, fewer movements of trucks, fewer labour hours for tradies, less money spent on traffic management and less money spent on site sheds.

These cost reductions were consistent across numerous segments of the construction industry.

Time is Of the Essence

When time is saved on construction, everybody wins. The builder spends less money on labour while the client gets their building faster. Faster completion of a home or an office building means the owner can start collecting rent faster. This increases revenue.

In a world where it seems like everyone wants everything right now, the ability of timber to save time makes it valuable for any project.

It is estimated that timber can save between 4 and 6% on building costs. While this may not sound like a lot, it works out to between $4 million and $6 million on a $100 million project.

Timber Sales Specialists

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