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Nothing makes a bigger impact on the look and feel of your home than a newly installed timber floor. Each room will flow wonderfully from one to the other with a natural work of art spread out underfoot.

Timber floors have a timeless appeal due to their natural beauty and their ability to blend in with any design style. With their easy-care and durability, it is no wonder the popularity of wood floors in Australia is steadily increasing.

Below are three lovely hardwood timbers to consider for your Brisbane home that will give you a lifetime of beauty and value.

We Deliver Timber Flooring All the Way to the Sunshine Coast

These timber species are rated “very hard” on the internationally recognised Janka Rating Scale and their natural beauty will add warmth and unique artistry to your home.

  • Red Ironbark is one of Australia’s most durable hardwood timbers and comes in rich colours for a refined and classic style. The heartwood colours range from pale brown to dark brown through dark red. The sapwood is a pale yellow and when combined with the heartwood it is a striking colour combination that looks great in both historic and modern homes.

  • Spotted Gum is an extremely popular flooring timber in Australia. This very durable wood varies greatly in colour and makes a strong visual impression. It’s heartwood colours range from a light brown colour to a warm dark reddish brown. The unique sapwood is a pale sand colour with hints of olive and pink. The colour variations add to the overall beauty of this unique Australian floor.
  • Blackbutt has straight grain and its pale colour is excellent for staining. This tree found commonly in Australia is a favourite and is hardy and versatile. The timber is a light pale straw shade and it’s calming neutral tone enhances artwork or any statement piece in a room.

Maintenance of regular sweeping, occasional mopping and prompt clean-up of spills makes timber flooring an easy choice for home-owners. Whether you choose a soothing light neutral floor or a dramatic dark statement floor you can rest easy knowing that many Australian timbers are sustainable as they are sourced from carefully managed Australian forests.

If you have a remodelling project or a new install contact Narangba Timbers, and we’d be happy to answer your timber flooring questions.