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Timber paling has become a popular form of fencing in Brisbane and all of Queensland. We like helping people get their timber projects right the first time, and paling fences are no exception. Here are some tips for making sure that you only have to build your paling fence once.

Timber Paling Fencing in Brisbane


We recommend using CCA treated hardwood or pine for all of your fencing. We have plenty of both in all standard sizes. CCA is the most widely-used wood preservative in the world. It is toxic and restricted to certain uses including fencing. CCA stands for Chromated Copper Arsenate.

Chromium is a binding material that keeps the solution together. Copper protects against fungi and bacteria. Arsenic not only kills insects, but also protects from water and helps bind paint to the surface. Arsenic is toxic, but CCA has been cleared for use in fencing because arsenic is a mineral that is naturally present in soil and CCA doesn’t contaminate soil badly enough to be considered a threat to the environment. However, you may want to wear gloves when working with CCA treated timber.


Posts can be anchored into the ground in two ways. First, they can be set directly into the ground, requiring posts to be cut 600 mm longer than the fence height. If the posts are anchored into stone or concrete, they only have to be 300 mm longer than the fence height.

Other Materials and Miscellaneous Reminders

Be sure to remember to use either plastic or steel caps on your posts. You can use 50mm galvanised nails to connect the paling to the rails. Keep your top rail 10 mm below the top of the palings to make room for capping.

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