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We supply a lot of hardwood flooring to our Brisbane area customers. We are often asked how to sand and finish the floor once it is installed. Here is how we would do it.

How To Sand The Floor With Hardwood Flooring Suppliers in Brisbane

The Right Equipment

You can find a floor sander at a hire shop. To work the perimeter of the floor, you will need a portable edge sander. Be sure to have one of the service people at your hire shop demonstrate how to operate the machines and how to properly install the sand belts. Floor sanding machines are designed to be pushed like a lawnmower: in one direction.

Prepare the Room

You will need to cover all heating and cooling ducts, fixtures and electrical outlets with plastic and duct tape. Remove all furniture and other belongings from the room, including curtains and rugs. Grit and dust are going to permeate anything you leave in the room. Then, it will be necessary to open all windows for ventilation.

You will also need to prepare yourself. Be sure to wear protective eyewear and a dust mask.

Rough Sanding

Start with 24 grit paper and then make a pass with 40 grit. You will begin in one corner of the room and work your way across at a 45 degree angle. Be sure not to turn the sander on or off when the belt is in contact with the floor. Do the perimeter with the portable sander and use a block of wood and sandpaper for the corners. Sweep and vacuum all of the dust and grit.

Medium Sanding

Repeat the rough sanding procedure but use 80 grit paper. Remove all sand and dust again.

Fine Sanding

Use 100-120 grit. This time, run the sander up and down the length of the boards instead of diagonally. Now you remove all of the dust, plastic and tape from the floor and walls.


Apply according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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