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We have been involved in the timber sales industry in Brisbane since 1972. We try to keep abreast of all developments that affect the timber industry because they all affect the products that you use for your homes and the prices we all pay for them. One of the more underrated facets of the timber industry is research and development.

For the Australian forest products sector to remain competitive, both domestically and globally, research and development is vital. Research and development in the timber industry is important for two categories: innovation and productivity.

Research and Development in the Timber Industry

Sadly, according to the Forest Industry Advisory Council (FIAC), research and development has “significantly declined in recent years.” According to the FIAC, the lack of research and development affects all phases of the timber industry, from growing all the way through processing and creating the end product that appears on our shelves.

The FIAC recommends an increase in research, development and extension (RD&E) because it is crucial for maintaining and expanding Australia’s position in the timber markets, both domestically and globally. RD&E traditionally drives productivity growth. Those who spend the most on RD&E usually overtake those who spend the least.

The Government is spending less money to fund RD&E in the forestry sector, leaving more of the burden on private interest. Government-backed research employs less than one third the people it employed in 1985 for forestry-related research.

Private funding has decreased, too, due to many companies in the industry being restructured. According to the FIAC, however, this could change due to private ownership of so many plantations.

An organisation called Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) is putting forth an effort to combine the efforts and resources of the Government with privately owned organisations. They are working hard to increase the opportunity for using timber in both commercial and multi-residential buildings. They are also trying to find ways to increase the quality and yield of products coming from plantations.

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