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When and How to Repair Your Timber Flooring

We provide a lot of timber flooring for locals of Brisbane and Sydney. Sometimes, though, you don’t have to replace your floor. Sometimes, you can get away with repairing it. We love helping homeowners select the materials to build new timber floors but we are just as happy to help someone repair their floor without spending the money on a new floor.

Here are some situations where you may be able to repair your floor instead of replacing it.

Minor Water Damage

If your home has flooded for any length of time, that is major damage and you will need to replace your floor. But if you have minor damage to your floor from too much mopping or overuse in the laundry or bathroom, you can dry your floor out with fans, sand it and polish it. Try to keep your temperature and moisture levels consistent whenever possible.

You can fix finish imperfections and even cupping by sanding and polishing or refinishing your floor.

Excessive Wear and Tear

Children and pets can be especially harmful to your floor’s finish. Even if you don’t have children or pets, the legs of furniture can mar your floor if you aren’t careful. One of the best ways to avoid this is to put carpeting under casters and use protective pads under furniture legs. Keep high heels and stilettos off whenever in the room.

If your floor does take some damage, you can usually sand and refinish, either as a “patch” or the entire floor.

Dullness and Fading

This will happen to most timber flooring in time but it doesn’t mean you need a new floor. You can slow the process by making sure the areas that receive the most direct sunlight are covered with carpets or furniture.

But if you do find your finish becoming drab, you can sand and use a nice stain to restore a nicer colour to your floor.

Sometimes You Just Need New Timber Flooring

When the damage is too extensive or you are just bored with your floor, you probably need new timber flooring. If you do, call the most trusted timber suppliers today on 1300 477 024.