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Red Ironbark Timber for Decking, Flooring or Timber Handrails

Name an Australian sourced timber that looks amazing in your home but is also so hard and durable that it is used for industrial applications such as wharves, bridges, poles, railway sleepers and construction?

Red Ironbark (also called Grey Ironbark) is that timber. It is native to Australia and is sourced from the Eucalyptus Paniculata tree which is native to New South Wales and Victoria.

It just so happens to also be the perfect hardwood timber for decking, flooring, handrails and outdoor framing around your home.

Hard and Durable and Pest Resistant

Red Ironbark is not only hard and durable, but it is very heavy which makes it perfect for structural use.

Due to its weight and density, it is not used for a lot of smaller, precision work, but it is great for big jobs.

Ironbark sapwood is not susceptible to lyctid borers while the heartwood is class 3 resistant. It is resistant to termites above ground and the durability rating of 1 applies both above and below the ground.

Red Ironbark Colours and Texture

The colouring of Red Ironbark heartwood can vary considerably and ranges anywhere from dark red to dark brown to pale brown, although most of the timber we source here at Narangba Timbers tends to be more red in colour.

By contrast, the sapwood of Red Ironbark is commonly pale yellow in colour.

When combined the heartwood and the sapwood form a vibrant colour combination which looks perfectly in place in both heritage and contemporary installations.

The texture of Red Ironbark is fine and even with an interlocked grain.