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Rebuild Handrails to Revitalise Your Deck

Many of life's best moments happen outside on the deck among family and friends.  Memories last forever, but without your conscious efforts, your deck will not.

Your deck handrail might be in need of attention.  Start making new memories on the deck with a handrail replacement.

Handrail Replacement Warning Signs

Your deck looks spectacular in old photos; gleaming handrails and solid flooring adorned with hand-crafted furnishings.  Now, a closer inspection of the handrails presents concern.

Handrails are affected by the elements and each handrail weathers a bit differently.  Sometimes, deck handrails do not keep up with modern styles.

Any of the following signs will warn you of the need for handrail replacement:

  • Warped wood
  • Splintered wood
  • Unsteadiness
  • Missing hardware
  • Rotted wood
  • Insect infestation
  • Outdated style
  • Loose or missing balustrades
  • Does not adhere to safety regulations

Your deck creates a lasting impression about your home, a new handrail will keep your deck central of your home's activity.

New Handrail New Design

Replacing handrails gives you the ability to select materials and designs that will compliment your existing deck and home.  Most designs involve the use of timber, while others use timber and incorporate other materials.

Regardless of the materials selected, you should make certain that your handrails adhere to safety regulations.

Consider the visual appeal of your deck.  Hardwood handrails are richly coloured, bold, and classic.

Timber handrails can be customised to demonstrate your ideal style and to coordinate with the existing flooring.  Hardwood handrails can be subtle or oversized.  Adding a second tier to your handrail enhances detail.

Timber balustrades can be various shapes and widths.  Balustrades can be strategically placed to enhance your view.  If you plan to mix materials, metal or glass provides various colour and texture combinations.

Consider privacy when replacing your deck handrail.  You may want to incorporate a privacy screen to you and your neighbours' benefit.

Adding a pergola may provide additional enclosure as well as shade protection from winter's sun.  Your next deck event will be memorable with a new handrail.