Log Connector Type R

The Log Connector Type R (ea) for Round Posts is the easy way to keep ends of logs together. In some situations, such as garden edges, sand pits, top rails to fences, the ends of logs move in different directions.

  • Lightweight, strong high tensile steel
  • Galvanised finish for greater protection
  • Curved to follow the profile of the log
  • Quick and easy to fix
  • Sizes: 120mm (4.7″) long x 35mm (1.4″) wide x 1mm (0.04″) thickness with 4mm (0.16″) diameter holes.

Usage: Use flat headed spiral nails – 3.15mm (0.124″) diameter x 40mm (1.6″) long. Place the Log Connector so that the joint where the logs butt is in the centre of the Log Connector. Drive the spiral nails to tightly secure the connector to both logs. 2 or 3 can be used on each joint.

$1.75 EA inc. GST

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