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Type R Log Connector

Type R Log Connector

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Our galvanised steel, curved Type R Log Connectors are designed to follow the profile of round logs and keep the ends of round logs together. They are the optimal solution for attaching two pine logs together to create one seamless, long timber log. 

Benefits of Type R Log Connectors  

✔ Harsh Aussie weather has no effect on its resilience
✔ Very quick, easy installation with a curved profile to fit right onto your timber log
✔ Tailored to fit logs of any size, offering flexibility to your fencing needs 

These log connectors are a versatile landscaping tool and can be used for garden edges, sandpit edging, pine log fences & more. 

Features of a Log Connector  

✔ Galvanised, lightweight steel
✔ Will fit any log size
✔ Designed to be affixed with spiral nails 

Achieve the best result by fastening these log supports to round posts or any post featuring a rounded side. This enhances their effectiveness in crafting a strong and long-lasting pine log fence. 

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