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200×75 Charcoal Block Pattern Concrete Sleeper

200×75 Charcoal Block Pattern Concrete Sleeper


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Charcoal block pattern concrete sleepers are a combination of strength and durability with classic style, making these the right choice for your next retaining wall.  

Benefits of Concrete Sleepers 

✔ Will last a lifetime
✔ Sizing as stated - don't waste time cutting down your sleepers
✔ Variety of colours and designs to suit your personal style
✔ Great for retaining walls, garden edging and garden beds 

With these concrete sleepers, you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in a high-quality product. With consistent colour and sizing, your sleepers are built to last. 

Features of Concrete Sleepers 

✔ Concrete strength of 55-60MPa – exceeding the AU standard of 40MPa 
✔ Locally sourced materials 
✔ Termite resistant 
✔ Lifespan of 60 years - even longer if maintained well

Reinforcement bars are placed inside each sleeper to ensure structural integrity. This allows the concrete sleepers to withstand natural elements like rain and heat over many years.

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