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SuperSleeper Composite Sleeper Support

SuperSleeper Composite Sleeper Support



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Our composite sleeper supports are a necessary component of a composite retaining wall. They sit below the bottom sleeper, in both corners to provide a solid base for the first sleeper to rest on. 

Benefits of sleeper supports 

✔ Keep your retaining wall sturdy and long-lasting
✔ Quick and easy installation shortens the time you spend on site
✔ Protect your hard work for years to come 

You can even add sleeper supports to the top of your retaining wall, above the last sleeper, to add strength to the SuperSleeper Composite Sleeper Caps.  

Features of our SuperSleeper supports  

Made from fibre-reinforced polymer
✔ Retaining wall will last 100+ years when maintained well
✔ To be placed under the bottom composite sleeper on a composite retaining wall 

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