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Our timber spikes are the perfect solution for long-term or permanent fastening of timber. Popularly used to fix pine logs to fencing, they are a durable and sturdy hardware choice for your next fencing or landscaping project 

Benefits of Timber Spikes  

✔ Easy installation due to flat head design
✔ Harsh weather will have no effect on galvanised steel
✔ Sturdy, secure fastening with a long profile
✔ Provides a long-lasting attachment, leaving no room for error 

These timber log spikes are an easy fix for permanently attaching pine logs to a fence post or securing any type of timber to another. Galvanised steel finish makes this product suitable for any location and application whether commercial, rural or residential. 

Features of a Timber Spike  

✔ Galvanised steel coating
✔ Concealed head
✔ Available in 175, 225 & 275 size (mm) 

Achieve a top result by securing this log support to a fence post with a flat top. This enhances their effectiveness in crafting a strong and long-lasting pine log fence. 

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