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Strong-drive Double Coated Timber Screw

Strong-drive Double Coated Timber Screw


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Strong-drive timber screws are your solution for quicker install, less torque and long-lasting outdoor applications.

Benefits of double-coated timber screws

✔ No need to pre-drill making for easier & quicker installation
✔ Provides less torque
✔ 30% faster & 10% stronger than an equivalent batten screw
✔ Reduces tool wear and extends your tools' battery life

Designed to be versatile, the Strong-drive screws are recognised as a solution for timber connections and are backed by testing and load data.

Features of strong-drive screws

✔ Suitable for outdoor applications; deck framing, ledgers, landscaping & more
✔ Crafted from carbon steel with a double-barrier coating
✔ 6-lobe T-40 drive eliminates cam outs
✔ Head stamped & large washer head

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