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Fibre-reinforced engineered polymer (FREP) joist hangars are revolutionising the way decks are installed. Engineered to last and corrosion proof, these joist hangers provide a breathable, paintable, sturdy solution to your deck frame needs.

Benefits of FREP joist hangers

✔ Lightweight and built to last, making your project stand the test of time
✔ Won't rust, corrode or break
✔ With ventilation ridges for breathability, your joists can stay free from moisture buildup
✔ Vibration resistant nail holes means you can secure without worry of damage

Fibre-reinforced engineered polymer (FREP) is the newest addition to the carpenter's arsenal. Suitable for external and internal framing applications.

Features of joist hangers

✔ Suitable for 90x45 and 140x45 (mm) joists
✔ No sharp edges
✔ Meets Australian standards for decking and flooring.

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