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Our adjustable bearer supports are crafted from hot-dipped galvanised steel and suitable for supporting decks that are 300 to 600 (mm) off the ground. Suitable for deck posts and bearers.

Benefits of adjustable bearer supports

✔ Galvanised steel will stay sturdy & secure for the lifetime of your deck
✔ Being adjustable allows you to customise the height of your deck
✔ Peace of mind for continuous stability with built-in locking nuts

Installing levelling posts and bearers for your deck can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Adjustable bearer supports make this easier and are perfect for decks ranging from 300 to 600 (mm) above ground, using joists and bearers of varying heights.

Features of galvanised post supports

✔ Height adjustable from 70 to 90 (mm)
✔ Full turn is a 3mm adjustment - Do not wind higher than 290mm to the bottom of bearer height
✔ M10 bolts with washers and nuts are best suited for this product
✔ Hot-dipped galvanised carbon steel

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