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Hinge Joint Dog Mesh Wire Fencing

Hinge Joint Dog Mesh Wire Fencing


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Our hinged joint mesh fencing is composed of a corrosion resistant, galvanised wire with hinge joints for extra durability and stability. This wire fencing is ideal for stock, boundary and internal fencing.

Benefits of dog fencing

✔ Stands the test of time against weather, pests and decay
✔ Will stand durable against strong animals with a flexible knot design
✔ Galvanised wire will last a lifetime
✔ Keep your animals safe from potential danger

Wire fencing is a popular choice for containing livestock on rural properties. This wire features gaps of 150mm, specifically to prevent dogs from getting stuck or through the fence. However, this fencing would be suitable for anyone seeking to contain smaller livestock on their property.

Features of our hinge joint fencing

✔ Roll height: 1150 (mm)
✔ 8 horizontal line wires
✔ Available in light duty or heavy duty
✔ Hot dipped galvanised steel wire

Please note our 'light duty' wire is a standard mesh design, whereas our 'heavy duty' wire is a graduated mesh design - the spacing between mesh is smaller at the top and becomes larger at the bottom of the roll

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