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Dome Top Pine Log CCA H4


$49.25 inc. GST


Our Dome Top Pine Logs are frequently employed to segregate traffic from recreational spaces, as parking bollards and rural fencing projects.  

Benefits of Dome Top Pine Logs

✔ Maintenance free pine means no time wasted
✔ Protection against pests and decay so you don’t have to worry
✔ Will be unaffected by harsh weather conditions
✔ Softwood is easy to work with for simple installation  

With our top-of-the-line H4 & CCA treatment, pine logs will be enduring and strong no matter the project you use them for. Discover more about timber treatments.   

Features of our Pine Logs

✔ Standard 150mm width
✔ Dome top on each end of the log
✔ H4 & CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenic) treated 

Sourced from plantation-grown pine.  

Need help calculating how many railings, palings and posts you’ll need for your timber fence? Check out our fencing calculator. 

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