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Horse Mesh Farm Gate

Horse Mesh Farm Gate


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Our horse gates are crafted from high-quality galvanised steel and feature a meshed design to contain farm animals and reduce access to the gate latches.

Benefits of horse gates

✔ Keep your livestock secure with tough galvanised steel
✔ Small mesh design to keep your livestock safe
✔ Long-lasting design that won't rust easily

Mesh farm gates are designed with horses or smaller pets in mind, but can be used to contain any type of farm animal. The 50mm mesh design is to stop animals from pawing at the gate and getting their hoof/leg stuck in the wire.

Features of our farm gates

✔ Uniformed 50 x 50 (mm) mesh design
✔ 1130 (mm) height with lengths from 1200 to 4200 (mm)
✔ Premium galvanised steel

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