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1.5kg Gate Drop Latch

1.5kg Gate Drop Latch

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Our 1.5kg Drop Latch gate fittings are a classic and user-friendly solution for securing gates of all sizes. Effortlessly secure your gate by threading the chain through and dropping the latch pin into the catch. 

Benefits of our Gate Drop Latch  

✔ Easy installation making your project quick & easy
✔ Ensure your latch stays secure with rust-free galvanised steel
✔ Reliability and durability are ensured with top-quality steel
✔ Necessary hardware is included so you can streamline your project

The functionality of our drop latches allows for a swift and efficient gate closure. They are particularly advantageous for areas where quick access or closure is essential, such as in farm settings. 

Features of Gate Drop Latches   

✔ Galvanised steel
✔ Suits gates of all sizes; small & large
✔ Rust and corrosion resistant

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