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Vitex Dressed Hardwood Post F17

Vitex Dressed Hardwood Post F17


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Our Vitex Dressed Hardwood Posts are a perfect choice for your next structural timber project. These hardwood posts are extremely versatile and can be used in several applications such as; decorative fence posts, exposed beams and rafters, pergola structures and more.

Benefits of Vitex Dressed Hardwood Posts

✔ Opting for dressed hardwood eases maintenance, letting you relax
✔ Enjoy a longer-lasting post with enhanced structural integrity
✔ Dressed hardwood is stylish, modern and easy to use
✔ Choose versatility with the robust nature of hardwood 

F17 Stress Grade rated hardwood sets the standard amongst structural posts for sturdiness and longevity. Learn more about Stress Grade ratings 

Features of our Vitex Dressed Hardwood Fence Posts

✔ F17 Stress Grade rating
✔ Suited for indoor and outdoor (above-ground) use
✔ Standard 150x150 or larger 200x50 size
✔ Available in lengths from 1800 to 4500 (mm) 


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