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Mixed Blonde Decking Feature


From $5.73 inc. GST

linear meter

Please note: This product is non-refundable.
Our Feature Grade timber will include characteristics such as short lengths, gum veins, borer holes, and other distinctive features. Due to these features, we recommend allowing a 30% wastage factor when calculating the amount you need.

QLD Mixed Blonde Feature Decking includes various timber species. Perfect for jobs where perfection isn't a necessity.

Looking for higher-grade decking? See our Beach Blonde Decking S&B.

Benefits of our QLD Spotted Gum Decking Feature

✔ H3 treated
✔ Durability Class 2
✔ Suitable for internal and external use
✔ Rot, insect and fungal resistance

Our H3-treated Feature Grade timber is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and has Class 1 and 2 durability ratings. It resists decay, termites and harsh weather offering low maintenance and long-lasting beauty and strength.

Species Highlights

  • Blackbutt: Lighter, uniform colour palette with a straight grain and minimal natural features
  • Yellow Stringybark: Featuring warm, variable colours with a moderately coarse texture and distinct grain patterns. Includes interlocked or straight grains, knots, and gum veins, adding rustic charm

Disclaimer: Lengths provided will be a minimum of 0.9m, a maximum length of 3.6m with an average of 1.8m throughout. 

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