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NewTechWood Cobra Adjustable Decking Pedestal

NewTechWood Cobra Adjustable Decking Pedestal


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NewTechWood Cobra Adjustable Decking Pedestals are at the forefront of innovation. Whether you're working on decking projects, outdoor tiles and pavers, or steel grating installations, Adjustable Decking Pedestals deliver the perfect solution for raised floors on balconies, roof gardens, temporary floors, and more.  

The Benefits of Cobra Adjustable Decking Pedestals 

✔Suitable for external use
✔Easily installed
✔Suitable for composite decking
✔Built to last 

NewTechWood Cobra Adjustable Decking Pedestals are compatible with a variety of structural elements, including aluminium and timber joists. They are the ideal for concealing services beneath raised flooring, while maintaining easy access for waterproof membrane maintenance. Additionally, they can be used to lay decking over existing surfaces like concrete, simplifying your installation process. Adjusting the pedestals to your desired height is as simple as turning a screw. Built to last, each NIVO pedestal can support a maximum weight of 1000kg. Crafted from high-quality materials, these pedestals stand strong against the elements, boasting exceptional weather and UV radiation resistance. 

Features of Cobra Adjustable Decking Pedestals

✔Supports weights up to 1000kg
✔Height adjustable
✔Suitable for metal or timber joists
✔Ideal for decks, balconies, pool surrounds, verandahs and more 

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