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86×19 QLD Mixed Hardwood Feature Decking Packs

86×19 QLD Mixed Hardwood Feature Decking Packs


From $2,040.31

each inc. GST

Please note: This product is non-refundable & sold in packs of lineal meter.
Our Feature Grade timber will include characteristics such as short lengths, gum veins, borer holes, and other distinctive features. Due to these features, we recommend allowing a 30% wastage factor when calculating the amount you need.

QLD Mixed Hardwood Decking packs may include various timber species such as iron-gum, spotted gum and ironbark. Perfect for jobs where perfection isn't a necessity.

Looking for higher-grade decking? See our Mixed Hardwood Decking S&B. 

Benefits of our QLD Mixed Hardwood Decking

✔ H3 Treated for Longevity
✔ Natural Resilience
✔ Exceptional Durability
✔ Versatility

Disclaimer: Lengths provided will be a minimum of 0.9m, a maximum length of 3.6m with an average of 1.8m throughout.


Please note this product is sold in packs containing random lengths to total or closest linear metre and this may include short lengths.

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