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Decking QLD Mixed Hardwood 86×19 Feature

SKU: 81030

Feature Grade Decking QLD Mixed Hardwood is a collection of durable Queensland timber.

✔ H3 treated
✔ Durability Class 1 & 2
✔ Suitable for internal and external use
✔ Natural rot, insect and fungal resistance
✔ Species may include Spotted Gum, Iron-Gum and Ironbark

Feature Grade: includes; short lengths, miss-dress, gum veins, borer holes & other various natural timber Features. Allow 30% wastage factor when calculating required amount.

Iron-Gum: a blend of ruby red Queensland Eucalypts, this specie features deep even red heartwood and light tan sapwood.

Spotted Gum: a unique blend of light to dark earthy browns with hints of grey and red flecks, it’s a classic hardwood timber.

Ironbark: textured by its dark brown and nutty honey grain that flows into a crimson red with distinctive sapwood.

$4.80 LM inc. GST

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