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Concealed Thread Bolt x2 Stainless

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Concealed Thread Bolt x2 Stainless Head Bolt with a Neat Finish, Specifically for Post Supports.

Designed specifically by VUETRADE for post supports, the VUEBOLT provides a quick, neat and concealed finish. With the unique feature of being a male and female bolt, the fixing is totally concealed leaving a neat bolt head on both sides of the post support. It’s also quick and easy to install with T50 drive heads on both bolts. These bolts are suitable for coastal and high corrosion applications.

  • Design patent pending
  • Easily installed – T50 Drive head
  • Set of male and female bolts
  • Concealed thread
  • T50 Drive Head finish on both sides of the post
  • Strong, durable installation
  • Available in Zinc- Nickel and Stainless Steel
  • To suit post sizes from 90mm to 230mm

Always ensure that the correct size bolt is used to meet the reported capacity as specified in the relevant Post Support Technical Data Sheet.

Always ensure that boltholes are drilled fully through the timber post to obtain the recommended capacity.

Stainless Steel Timber Connectors should always be fixed using Stainless Steel fixings to prevent galvanic corrosion (a reaction between standard galvanised fixings and stainless steel when they come in direct contact with each other).


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