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Our hardwood timber wedges are an essential tool for securing heavy machinery and materials on large-scale commercial sites. Flat wedges are also available and all our timber wedges can be customised to your specifications.

Benefits of timber wedges

✔ Enjoy fast delivery to keep your project running smoothly
✔ Customisable sizing options to suit your preferences
✔ Extremely durable hardwood will secure any heavy loads for your project
✔ Keep your work site safe as our wedges are environmentally friendly

You can leave these in position while back filling to ensure your pipes are not damaged. Made with precision from hardwood, these wedges offer unparalleled durability and reliability in various applications. 

Features of commercial wedges

Great for blocking & supporting pipes during installation
✔ Available in hardwood, with pine options on request
✔ Wide range of sizes that can be custom tailored
✔ Milled from ecologically sustainable Australian hardwood

Timber posts, poles and piles are also readily available for your commercial needs. Get in touch and send through an enquiry today! Discover more about our range of commercial timber and partner with us for all your large-scale commercial timber requirements.

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