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Breathable Membrane Wall Wrap

Breathable Membrane Wall Wrap



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Residential construction wall wrap membrane (Class 4 vapour permeable) is a must-have for any cladding or new home build. Use wall wraps for every cladding project to protect the timber frame and floor from water damage before cladding is installed.

Benefits of wall wraps

✔ Keep your hard work protected and ensure a top-quality job
✔ Your build site will stay safe and protected
✔ Breathable membrane allows airflow and stops rain, meaning no mould or mildew
✔ Engineered to withstand Australia's demanding weather

Our wall wraps pass all Australian standards and are required to be used with any cladding project.

Features of our construction wraps

✔ Large size of 1.35x 50 (m)
✔ Coverage area of 67.5m2
✔ Non-reflective and electrically non-conductive
✔ Class 4 vapour permeable


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