#100 Seconds Pack Mixed Products

  • 9 pieces in pack. 1 piece of GOS Hardwood 175x75x3900mm F14 H3, 3 pieces of GOS Hardwood 200x50x4800mm F14 H3, 2 pieces of GOS Hardwood 200x50x5400mm F14 H3, 1 piece of GOS Hardwood 200x50x3900mm F14 H3, 2 pieces of Pine Sawn Boxing 100x25x4800mm Untreated.
  • Not always, not forever, and only while stock lasts.
  • Great for odd jobs and other non-structural projects.
  • Small fences, bird cages, kennels, temporary bracing, tools shelter, etc.
  • Timber is low quality bendy, splits, knots, etc.
  • Not suitable for structural purposes.
  • Non-refundable or exchangeable.
  • Visual inspection prior recommended.

$335.00 EA inc. GST

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