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As the premier timber suppliers in Brisbane, we have been publishing a series of informative pieces about the timber industry. We feel that it’s our responsibility to provide consumers with important information to help them understand what goes into bringing high quality, ethically grown timber to our shelves. In this piece, we would like to tell you about Australia’s native forests.

There are currently 123 million hectares of native Australian forest. These are divided into six categories: multiple-use public forest, nature conservation reserve, leasehold forest, private land, “Other Crown Land” and a catch-all category called “unresolved tenure.” Areas of public forest in Australia that produce timber are managed by RFA’s or Regional Forest Agreements.

Australian Native Forest

What are RFA’s?

RFA’s are designed to help manage regional forests by balancing social, environmental and economic factors. In 2012-13, 3.7 million cubic litres of logs were produced in native forests. Most of the timber harvested in native forests is unique in its high quality of durability, appearance and strength. Consequently, more hardwood sawlogs are produced by native forests than by plantations.

95% of Australian hardwood sawlogs are harvested in native forests. Due to the short rotation practices of the hardwood plantations, native forests are expected to continue to be the main source for high quality hardwood sawlogs in Australia. Most of these will come from multiple use public forests.

However, indigenous and private-owned forests have the potential to yield high quality hardwood. The Indigenous Estate currently accounts for nearly 42 million hectares of forest land. If managed properly, taking into consideration the cultural, economic, environmental and social implications of harvesting, indigenous forest lands show the potential to supply much of Australia’s need for high quality hardwood.

What it Means to Us and to You

We take our responsibility as timber suppliers for the Brisbane area seriously and we want to see the industry remain healthy. There is a fine balance between ethical and sustainable harvesting and exploiting the land. That is why we are so committed to sustainable and ethical forestry.

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