Sometimes, customers walk in and ask for some timber fencing for their Brisbane area home. We ask what kind of fence they plan to build and they say, “a timber fence.” While we are always glad to help anyone, it is very helpful to have a bit more information to work with. Here are some things to consider when planning a fence.

Planing A Timber Fence

Where is it Located?

If you are in a suburb, your fence may be for aesthetics. If you are in the inner city, you may want the fence to provide security and help soundproof your home. If you are on a rural property, you may want the fence to reinforce the appearance of openness.

What Style is the Property?

The style and age of a property will make a big difference when planning a fence. For example, a picket fence would look great with an older home but terrible with a modern one.

What is the Function?

Generally, a fence in the front of the home is to keep animals out and enhance the appearance so it will probably be shorter. Side fences designed to give privacy from neighbours will tend to be taller and more solid.

Security and Safety

Some fences will be built for safety and security. They will be sturdier. In addition, a fence around a swimming pool is subject to regulation. Make sure you know your regulations before building a fence.


Timber shines as a soundproofing material for fences. It is a natural insulator and soundproofer that will decrease sound going in and out of your yard considerably. Tall fences with boards that are either very close or overlapped work the best. If you build panels on both sides of the rails, it will soundproof even better.

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