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Outdoor DIY Projects Built With Softwood Timber

Your next outdoor DIY project will be a beauty!

Now, get started by selecting the best timber.  If you thought your only option was hardwood, you will be pleased to learn that versatile softwood will expand your timber options.

Softwood vs. Hardwood

A quick vocabulary lesson will help to identify properties of different timber.  The outer portion of a log is called sapwood.

Softwood is predominately sapwood, lower-density or soft timbers.  Sapwood surrounds the inner portion of a log called heartwood.

Hardwood is predominately heartwood, heavy density or hard timbers.

If the verbiage now leaves you tongue-tied, just remember softwoods are incredibly strong, yet supple and hardwoods are tough and durable.

Australia's native softwood species include celery top pine, white pine, and hoop pine.  Softwood trees grow quickly and are easily renewable, making softwood readily available and affordable.

Australian Hardwood Timber

Australia's native hardwood species include blackbutt, spotted gum, ironbark, kapur, and merbau (or kwila).

Hardwood trees are classified from 1 to 4 based on their durability; class 1 is the highest durability and class 4 is the lowest durability.

Hardwood trees are slower growing and timber is more frequently imported.

Softwood Timber Outdoors

Softwood is incredibly workable because it provides you a lightweight, easily handled material.

A project constructed from softwood will be strong but will not break your back when you try to move the finished piece.

Considering aesthetics, softwood's porous structure easily absorbs finishes, adhesives, and sealants.  You can colour coordinate your project with other elements of your deck and yard.

Treated softwood will resist insect infestation, fungal growth, and timber rot.  Your outdoor projects will withstand the elements while remaining comfortable and sturdy through all seasons.

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