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New Uses for Australian Timber

At Narangba Timbers, we supply a lot of products such as timber decking, timber flooring and timber fencing. In this continuing series about the state of the Australian timber industry, we would like to cover new uses for Australian timber. Our information comes from a recent Forest Industry Advisory Council (FIAC) study commissioned by the Australian Government and published in March of this year.

According to the FIAC study, it is important that the Australian timber industry finds more ways to utilise Australian timber if Australia is to continue to be competitive, both domestically and globally, in the timber market. The FIAC feels it is important for new uses of Australian timber to “increase the demand, utilisation and value of its (timber) resources.”

While uses such as timber fencing, timber decking, timber flooring, veneer, panelling and construction framing are well-documented, the real challenge is going to be finding a way to use timber that isn’t of high enough quality to turn into these products. This means that the industry may begin to focus more on finding ways to better utilise sawdust, wood chips and offcuts that don’t end up being used for the aforementioned uses.

Right now, the timber industry relies heavily on woodchip exports, with many plantations focusing on this market. The FIAC is encouraging its members to see if there are better uses than woodchips for some of the timber.

Currently, timber or wood fibre can be used to produce biomaterials, biochemicals, alternative fuels, biochemicals, new building systems, heat and electricity. The FIAC encourages integrating these uses with current, more popular uses to enhance the product mix produced by the timber sector. This could improve resilience and profitability for the timber industry.

The other emerging use is EWP’s or engineered wood products such as laminated veneer or cross-laminated timber. They are becoming popular in the building industry due to light weight, environmental friendliness and strength.

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