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G’day, Marto from triple-M here. Welcome to Narangba Timbers, where they jack the price down.

Well if it’s timber decking you’re after, Narangba Timbers have got it covered, too. They got the Kwila, they’ve got spotted gum. What haven’t they got?

That’s the bottom line, it’s straight and there’s plenty of it.

I think we all know architects love their screening. I tell you what, Narangba Timbers have got it all covered, whether they specify a 40 or a 70 or even the 90. I think we know what size they are. They have got them all.

At Narangba Timbers, they dress all their own timbers, whether it’s a post, look at those 140s, or top rail, and this beautiful 190. This is a special.

Actually, here he is, the bloke who does jack the prices down. It’s Jack. Give him a call now on (07) 3888 1293.