Like me you are probably and avid watcher of one or more of the current trend of home renovation and improvement lifestyle programs on TV.

Or maybe you are a regular reader of the wide range of home improvement focused magazines flowing off newsagent and supermarket shelves these days.

Wether it is in The Block, Selling Houses Australia, Better Homes and Gardens or one of the many more options, you will have noticed the trend towards integrating beautiful timber screening in both modern and traditional housing throughout our cities, suburbs and country towns.

Architects and garden designers have long understood the beauty and robustness of quality timber for both garden features and fencing.

And the visual effect is multiplied many times over when tastefully combined with natural stone, character bricks or rendered walls and columns.

Kwila Screening – Merbau Screening

Merbau or Kwila is a hardwood timber that grows in the Southeast Pacific Rim, which, in Australia includes Northern Queensland.

Merbau Timber Screening Adds Privacy

Kwila or Merbau is known for its durability which is due to the natural oils of the timber which help prevent the timber from cracking or splitting.

These natural oils allow Kwila to endure extreme conditions such as harsh temperatures and climates and saltwater. This makes it ideal for outdoor usage.

Merbau and Kwila are the same timber. It is simply known by different names in different regions. The timber comes from the Intsia bijuga (commonly known as Borneo teak, Johnstone River teak, Moluccan ironwood, Pacific teak and scrub mahogany).

Kwila / Merbau Colour and Grain

Kwila / Merbau heartwood (the wood to the centre of the tree) is yellowish-brown or orange-brown when first cut.

The heartwood turns to a darker brown or deep reddish brown with age.

The sapwood is white or pale yellow which effectively differentiates it to the darker heartwood.

The grain in Kwila / Merbau ranges from straight to interlocked whilst the texture of the timber is coarse, with a moderate natural lustre.

Why Is Merbau / Kwila the Best Timber for Screening?

The combination of long life, durability, resistance to harsh environments, colour, grain and workability makes Kwila / Merbau a perfect timber for your timber screening project.

Here at Narangba Timbers we have Merbau in-stock in various sizes to meet your screening, fencing or decking requirements.