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If you are looking for timber decking material, Merbau is the most popular timber in the Brisbane area. It has long been a bestseller for building timber decks and is our favourite. Merbau really has everything you are looking for in timber decking. It is strong, durable and looks great. It also provides natural protection from rotting, termites and bushfires. Here’s why.

Merbau Overview

Merbau, also known as Kwila, grows in northern Queensland, making it a local timber. However, it also grows in the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea and various locations in South East Asia. Because it is naturally strong and durable, it is often used for structural engineering, marine applications and construction.

Closer to home, Merbau is used to make backyard furniture, timber flooring and, of course, timber decking.

Merbau is the King of Timber Decking

Merbau is often harvested from forests, so it is crucial to know where your Merbau is coming from. We only accept Merbau from suppliers who are legal and ethical. Merbau can grow up to 40 metres high. It can grow to a trunk diameter of 0.6 metres. Because it is bushy, it produces a canopy in any forest.

The heartwood is orange-yellow-brown when freshly harvested but becomes more red as it ages. In contrast, the sapwood is pale yellow, white or buff coloured. The sapwood doesn’t offer protection against lyctid borers as the heartwood does. Both the sapwood and the heartwood are naturally resistant to termites and they season well when they are air-dried or dried in a kiln.

Most Merbau has a grain that is wavy and/or interlocked, one of the reasons people love it so much. When sealed with a clear finish or lightly stained with a semi-transparent finish that lets the grain show through, Merbau is distinctive and attractive. Those who don’t care about the grain will be happy to know that it holds paint well, too.

As we already mentioned, Merbau is a favourite for timber decking, joinery, flooring, larger construction or even BBQ trolleys. We have provided many Brisbane households with Merbau for a plethora of different projects.

Even though Merbau is durable and strong, it still responds well to hand tools. This means it can be used for more specialised projects such as musical instruments, cabinet making, boat building, tool handles and a host of carving projects.

More Detailed Applications for Merbau

We would like to tell you some more specific information for Merbau and its applications.

Timber Decking

As we mentioned, Merbau is the material of choice for timber decking in the Brisbane area. Its strength gives you a timber deck you can trust to hold up under the weight of any friends you may entertain and any furniture you may keep on top of it. Its durability provides you with the confidence that your timber deck will last as long as you live in your home. Its aesthetic will make you, your guests and your neighbours love it for years to come. There isn’t a better timber to use for an attractive but practical alfresco living space.

Balustrades and Exterior Rails

If you want to build any kind of balustrade or exterior rail for your garden, the same qualities that make Merbau great for timber decking make it a great material for balustrades and exterior rails. It is attractive, strong, curable and easily workable. When making the posts for balustrades, the workability comes in handy.

Exterior Stairs
If you are making exterior stairs for your home, a hardwood like Merbau is a great choice. It is strong and reliable. You can trust your stairs to provide years of service without breaking or causing an accident.


Aesthetics and workability make Merbau a great choice if you are building a pergola in your garden.


If you want to replace your aluminium windows with timber windows, Merbau is one of the better timbers you can use. Its distinctive colour and grain help to seamlessly integrate your home into a natural setting. If you don’t have a natural setting, Merbau windows are still a great way to bring nature into the city.

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