We have supplied timber decking materials and plans to the Brisbane area since 1972. We have a lot of different varieties of timber that works for timber decking, but the most popular is Merbau, also known as Kwila. We would like to tell you why.

What is Merbau

Timber species that grows in Queensland, Southeast Asia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Philippines. The heartwood is pale when it has just been harvested but matures nicely into a distinctive reddish brown. Its texture is even but moderately coarse. Merbau has a distinctive interlocking grain that helps give it its unique appearance.

Why Merbau is a Favourite for Timber Decking in Brisbane

While the sapwood is susceptible to lyctid borers, the heartwood is rated Class 3 in lyctid borer resistance. It is also termite resistant. It has a Class 1 durability rating above ground and a Class 3 rating when it contacts the ground.

Why is Merbau so Popular for Timber Decking?

Merbau has always been a popular choice for Timber decking in the Brisbane area for a number of reasons. But as compelling as many of the reasons are, we have to admit that the real reason so many people in Brisbane prefer Merbau for their timber decking is because of its appearance.

There is nothing quite like a Merbau timber deck with a clear coat. Its unique combination of colour and grain give Merbau an aesthetic that is unmatched. It also looks impressive with a stain or even paint. Even the lowest priced Merbau produces a timber deck that looks elegant and says “prosperity” to anyone who sees it.

A Merbau timber deck also integrates your house visually into its natural surroundings as well as any timber variety and better than most.

What About In-Ground Durability?

We use a safe non-toxic Timber treatment on the posts to make them durable when they are installed into the ground. This treatment ensures that the part of your deck that touches the ground will last as long as the planks, boards and rails.

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