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Megatrends in Australian Timber: Part 2

This is part 2 of our series on megatrends in Australian timber for the month. The timber sales industry in Brisbane and across Australia will be affected by these trends, meaning we will be affected and you will be affected, too. Here is how a wealthier middle class, especially in Asia, will affect our supply and demand in Australia.

Larger Middle Class, More Timber Sales

Megatrends in Australian Timber Sales Part 2

By 2030, the population of the Asia Pacific region is expected to reach 3.2 billion for a rise of 500%. This will create a huge middle class, increasing demand for education, housing, food, transport, energy and manufactured goods. The biggest effect may come due to a need for increased infrastructure, including schools, medical facilities, shopping, entertainment, restaurants and roads.

In particular, products supplied by our regional supply chains should see greatly increased demand. Paper and cardboard will be needed to package processed foods. We already supply 75% of their current demand for packaging via softwood and hardwood woodchip exports. They will need a lot more wood fibre from us as their population explodes.

Commercial forestry outlets will find it harder and harder to meet increasing demands and will have to “up their game.” Our forestry and plantation sector has 15 years or less to make the necessary adjustments. Industry insiders are hoping that the number of sustainable plantations is increased to meet what will prove to be “incremental demand.”

More hardwood and softwood pulp will be needed for the increase in paper needed for paper and cardboard products. In addition, more paper will be needed for print media and for other communication purposes, despite the increase of computer use.

The increase in households will raise demand for structural construction components. People will need more houses and will demand better quality furniture. Industrial wood panels for use in timber flooring, furniture, kitchen cabinets and retail fit-outs will also be at a premium.

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