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Kwila decking and furniture are a Brisbane outdoor staple; keep yours looking like new.

Kwila, which otherwise known as merbau, is a high-quality hardwood that is especially suited for outdoor decking and outdoor furniture. It combines two qualities that are perfect for your deck: beauty and durability. Kwila has a lot of natural oil, which makes it a bit easier to maintain. If you do your job on the outside, kwila is never going to dry out on you.

How to Maintain Your Kwila Decking

Caring for Kwila

Kwila does require maintenance, but the reward for that maintenance is timber that looks “new” as long as any timber on the market. This means that if you properly maintain a kwila deck that has kwila furniture, it will look almost new for years. Besides looking new, it functions as though it were new, too.


Due to its abundance of natural oil, kwila will “bleed” dark brown/red sap after the first time it is exposed to moisture such as rain or even dew if it is heavy enough. This bleeding goes on for various lengths of time from piece to piece, depending upon the natural characteristics of the timber. There are products that you can use to make the bleeding process faster, but we recommend going “au naturel” and letting the timber bleed at its own pace.

After it stops bleeding, the deck or furniture can be hosed down to remove all excess sap. When the process is finished, the natural oil that remains in your timber will prevent it from cracking or drying out. However, if you want to keep your kwila looking as good as possible, you will need to apply a high quality clear timber oil that has a sunscreen.

After that, all you need to do is keep it clean and apply more oil every 6-12 months.

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