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If any of your friends have timber decking in the Brisbane area with a natural dark brown or dark red colour, they may be using Pacific Jarrah. Like Brazilian Teak, Pacific Jarrah is grown in South America. However, our timber is actually sourced from Indonesia, where it is responsibly and sustainably forested for import to Australia.

Pacific Jarrah is known for its dark brown and dark red colours. It is also known for its hardness and durability, with an S1 strength rating and a Class 1 durability rating.

So, what does that mean to you, looking for timber decking materials in Brisbane?

Know Your Decking: Pacific Jarrah

Why Pacific Jarrah is Becoming Popular

Everyone at Narangba Timbers knows that building a timber deck is hard work. But we also know the payoff that comes when you are finished. You get to enjoy your timber decking. There’s nothing like having a place to relax on your outdoor furniture with your feet up and enjoy some cold beverages. It’s even better to do so with your friends and family.

Pacific Jarrah gives you everything you want in a timber deck. It is tough, strong, hard and heavy. Once it is in place, you get a solid timber deck that will give you years and years of service. It is extremely resistant to bacteria, fungi and termites. While its hardness makes it difficult to work and requires some extra care in the building process, the finished product is as strong as a fortress.

Caution: Not for Everybody

If you are on the water, beware: Pacific Jarrah is susceptible to marine borers. You may want to explore options such as a finish that can offer protection or use one of our other species of timber such as red ironbark or grey gum.

Are You Ready?

If you are ready to start enjoying your own timber deck, call Narangba Timbers or visit our showroom today. We have a display deck where you can see, touch and walk on a wide range of timber decking materials.

To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 today.