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We supply a lot of timber flooring in Brisbane and we like to make sure that every single one of our customers gets the most they can out of anything they purchase here. In other words, if you are going to install timber flooring, we want to help you install it right. We would like to give you some helpful hints about timber flooring to help you have years of service from a timber floor you can be proud of.

Key Considerations for Timber Flooring

Storage and Handling

We don’t have to tell you that it can get damp in Brisbane, but we are going to mention it anyway. We protect our timber from the elements. Once we deliver it to your home, it is up to you to do the same. Leave the plastic wrapping on and store it in a covered place with adequate ventilation. If you don’t, you are risking water absorption, which can cause marking and warping.

Likely Movement after Installation

Before you install your timber flooring, you must accurately assess the rate of movement that is likely to occur after installation. The cutting pattern and species of the boards will determine the overall rate of movement that each individual board is susceptible to. Variable conditions within your home and small variations from board to board can also influence movement.

During months with less rain, boards will shrink a little and create small gaps. These will appear on most boards at the edges. Timber flooring also tends to move immediately after it is installed as the flooring acclimates itself to the conditions inside your home.

Floor finishes can go a long way towards diminishing movement, but it won’t totally eradicate it.

Moisture and Acclimation

If possible, you want to install timber flooring that is similar in moisture to the average moisture in your home. Basically, if you live in a moist environment, you can expect your flooring to expand. If you live in a dry environment, you can expect it to shrink.

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