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Keeping Termites Out of Your Home

As timber suppliers who love their work, we hate termites. We don’t want anything eating our timber or that of our customers. We would like to provide some tips on keeping termites out of your home and away from your projects.


It is crucial to have regular termite inspections to keep your home safe. Termites burrow underground and attack your home. There is no way that is 100% guaranteed to keep them away. Inspections are crucial because the problem can be treated in the beginning stages instead of waiting until the termites have done damage to your home.

It is a lot less expensive to have regular inspections than it is to try and repair a home that has been damaged by termites. You may not know this, but home insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. In fact, termite damage often voids home insurance.

Risk Factors

Every home in Australia is in danger of termite infestation. While termites may love timber, masonry or steel framed houses are just as likely to be attacked as timber houses are. Termites eat a lot more than timber. They can damage books, plastic, carpets, plasterboard, clothing, artwork and fitout timbers.

Barriers that Assist Inspection

There are some substances that can be used as termite barriers to assist inspection. These include: crushed stone, concrete slab, stainless steel mesh, sheet capping and chemical barriers.

If you want to see what kind of barrier your home employs, the information should be on your “Notice of Treatment,” usually located near the subfloor access door or in the electrical meter box.

How Often?

Inspection information should be on your notice of treatment. If it isn’t, have your home inspected at least once every year. If you are in a high-risk location, more frequent inspections are recommended.

High risk locations are determined by proximity to food sources, nesting sources and other buildings. Landscaping can also compromise the integrity of termite barriers, raising the risk factor.

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