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Is Timber Cladding Making a Comeback?

Timber suppliers in across Australia are noticing a rise in the number of homes being built or renovated with timber cladding. Some are calling the trend a “renaissance” as more and more builders and homeowners are opting for timber cladding, both on the inside and the outside of homes.

Timber cladding was the only option for many years because timber was the only building material. As cheaper materials were created, timber was still preferred because it was durable, practical and it looked great. In addition, timber is cost effective, serves as a natural insulator and is easy to both install and repair.

While other materials would become more popular for a period of time, mostly out of fashion considerations, more and more Australians are going back to timber cladding. One of the main reasons for this is because it looks so good. Timber cladding makes a home look like it is part of its natural surroundings.

Another reason: environmental considerations. Timber is the ultimate “green” or sustainable building material. It not only doesn’t leave a carbon footprint, it actually stores carbon and releases oxygen into the environment. When a tree is responsibly harvested, it is cut at the age where its metabolism begins to slow down.

The tree is then replaced with a newly planted tree which separates environmental CO2 into carbon, which is used for timber fibres, and oxygen, which is released into the atmosphere.

Whether your motivation is due to aesthetics, function or environmental responsibility, timber is proving superior to any other building material. Timber is a great natural insulator, helping you save on heating and cooling costs in both the summer and the winter. On the interior of a home, it can lend a warm, prosperous aesthetic to any room.

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