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How to Make Sure You Do Not Spend too Much for Your Next Timber Project

Before beginning any timber project, it's important to know what quantity you're likely to use.

Why buy more than you need? One key to a successful and well-appreciated home project is keeping costs as low as possible. But failing to get enough wood the first time means risking delays and additional haulage costs.

At Narangba Timbers, we provide simple online timber project calculators to make this part of your project that much easier. Collect a little data such as area to be fenced, deck size or more, and you'll be ready to make your purchase correctly the first time, leaving you more opportunity to finish that project in a timely manner.

First, have a clear plan of what you need. What exactly are you building and what do you want it to look like?

Second, no matter how much you need, add extra. Consider that most projects require cuts from longer boards and that sometimes mistakes happen, buy a little more. While opinions differ, generally 5 to 15 percent extra is a safe margin.

Timber Fencing

Measuring the amount of wood for fencing is a breeze with just a few quick measurements.

First, what's the length of the fence you're building? And how high will it be?

You need to also consider the width of the paling and how much space you want between those slats.

Timber Flooring or Timber Decking

Adding a hardwood floor or replacing that deck around the pool?

First, you need to measure the area to cover. Measure the length then the width.

As in fencing, width of board and spacing plays a part in the amount of timber you'll need. With the online calculator, you can consider a wastage factor from 0 to 15 percent.

Let our calculator do the rest.

Weatherboard Cladding

With cladding (or wood siding), you can add a new look to the outside of your home.

Again, you'll need to know the width and length of the area you're covering, including the cover of board. The default wastage factor is a bit larger here than for flooring, but this project can be a bit more complicated.

No matter whether you're doing it yourself or hiring a contractor to do the work, the staff at Narangba Timbers is ready to help you determine how much wood you'll actually need.

Start with our online calculators and let us do the rest for you.